SFN begins!

Hi everyone! So I arrived a bit late, but now I’m in the whole sfn swing. Posters are exhausting/exhilarating. I love being surrounded by so many scientists. If only the program books weren’t so heavy!

I’m blogging from my (new!) iPad, so this is a new experience for me- I’m a bit trepidatious about adding blogging to the already insane SFN schedule, but future Dr. Science ladies have a responsibility to the public, do they not?

Make sure to follow me on twitter @drsciencelady for a play by play of my SFN adventures and my ‘expert’ suggestions on great talks and posters. And…shameless plug for myself, stop by my poster tomorrow AM (371.12) to say hi, I’d love to meet some of you and discuss science and social media!

I already heard of a great job opening at university of Reading for a budding post-doc in fmri/autism research, so post in the comments if you fit the bill and I will try to hook you up. Ok, more to come this afternoon, and don’t forget to follow me on twitter!


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